The government reaffirms its support for the Expert Panel for Patient-Based Funding

December 14, 2012- In Budget 2013-2014, the Québec government has reaffirmed its support for the work of the Expert Panel on Activity-Based Funding. However, the panel’s mandate has been clarified to focus on the study of patient-centred funding formulas. This funding formula, also considered in a number of countries, may be part of the transformations that are required in health services and social services. To better reflect this objective, the name “Expert Panel for Patient-Based Funding” will henceforth be used.

Activity-based funding is currently used in the health and social services system to increase the number of surgical operations. By emphasizing patient-centred funding formulas, the government is looking to foster improved quality of all services and obtain better results for patients, in particular by prioritizing front-line interventions, continuity of care, integration of operations and adoption of best practices.

In addition to its initial mandate, the expert panel will be tasked with making recommendations in the following area:

  • payment schemes to support the development of the front-line services, in particular, the capacity to improve the continuum of care;
  • means of enhancing knowledge of costs and outcomes;
  • means of improving the funding formula for the surgery access program to, in particular, give better consideration to ambulatory surgery, the continuum of care and the quality of patients services.

Given its new responsibilities, the expert panel must submit its report to the Minister of Health and Social Services and to the Minister of Finance and the Economy in 2013 at the latest, incorporating recommendations relating to concrete initiatives from the health and social services network.

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