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The table of contents is presented here. The General Introduction is available in PDF format. The entire document contains 292 pages and is only available in PDF format (2.58 Mo). The conference speakers' texts are also available separately in the "International Symposium on Fiscal Imbalance" section.


General Introduction

Decentralization in the United States: Where has the Country Headed?

By William F. Fox

Forces Behind Centralization and Decentralization in the United States

By Bruce A. Wallin

Maintaining Fiscal Equilibrium in a Federation: Germany

By Paul Bernd Spahn

Reforming Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Germany: The Bavarian Point of View

By Otto Beierl

Fiscal Federalism in Switzerland: A Survey of Constitutional Issues, Budget Responsibility and Equalization

By Bernard Dafflon

Balance and Imbalance in the Swiss Federal System

By Sonja Wälti

The 2000 Reform of Intergovernmental Fiscal Arrangements in Australia

By David J. Collins

Concept of Fiscal Decentralisation and Worldwide Overview

By Robert D. Ebel and Serdar Yilmaz

Fiscal Federalism in Belgium

By Marcel Gérard

The Lambermont Agreement: Why and How?

By Géraldine Van der Stichele and Magali Verdonck

The Funding of Autonomous Communities in Spain

By Pere Galí

The Finances of Decentralized Authorities and Financial Relations between Authorities at Different Levels in France Trends and Outlook

By Guy Gilbert

The Process of Decentralisation in Italy: A Focus on Regional Governments

By Laura Raimondo

Decentralization in Some Non-Federal Countries: The Case of the United Kingdom

By David Heald

Biographical Notes

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